sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009

Smile hyena... smile =D

This is the way i feel today:
I’ve been broken; by the time I never thought that the last time would be the worst.
If you ever remember the sad words, if you ever had a lil’ of attention, maybe you should notice about my pain.
When you part one in two and one of those parts starts to fade away, it’s time to kill the other.
Fuck the moments, fuck the silence, and fuck everything that you touched.
Fuck the words, fuck the images, but I never forget your lips.
I never ever forget the way that you suppose to be a… my… Oh! My… beautiful shit, tell me about you, tell me about the way you can live with mouth full of lies...
When the joints get rusty and begin to hear the squeak, you know that it was time to kill your self… kill your self… kill your self… kill your self!
While waiting in an old brick, fill the feeling that left a long silence, a couple of hyenas hunt your almost rotting bones.
Everybody feel, everybody knows, everybody waits, every body shame, everybody look at, but you still been a beautiful unmoved shit.
Damn! How can you just look like an idiot? Before the Hi! And still after bye.
If you open your mouth and start laughing desperately, you know that someone took your heart.
At the inside I’m still waiting for that crazy thing that make me move, that make me try, that make me smile… but only the sad moments are my inspiration.
Well, after all drama I’m still pretending like a hyena smile, like a lunacy kind….
No, wait! if you say one more word I swear that I’m going to kill you… going to kill you… going to kill you… going to kill me
If I’m still smiling it’s just because I like my teeth.